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The Queer As Livejournal Soap Opera

Queer As Livejournal
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QueerAsLj is a Queer As Folk-type livejournal soap opera. We would prefer that you create a new livejournal account including the name (or something relevant to the personality) of your character, but if you can't just make sure you indicate in parenthesis (or something) the name of your character at the top of every post so there is no confusion.

As of right now, famous people are permitted, but actual Queer As Folk characters are not.

If you would like to join the QueerAsLj livejournal soap opera, please visit nickboy or email nickboy@popstar.com, and reply to a post with a short description of the character you'd like to bring in. This should include the name (or names), sex (or sexes), age and personality (or personalities) of your character, as well as any storylines you're interested in joining/starting. Try to make things interesting; this is a soap opera after all.

Rules for posting:

Characters don't have to be respectful of each other, but the people behind them do. Mostly this means do not rope other people into storylines without their permission. To avoid this, try to practice roleplaying etiquette as much as possible, particularly by posting your intent to do something, rather than the fact that you've actually done it. This gives the object of your action the opportunity to define the outcome, and guarantees that nobody's character is found doing things that don't jibe with their personality or interests.

The only other hard and fast rule is that you READ ALL RECENT POSTS BEFORE POSTING. This is to ensure that people aren't in two places at once, or that you're not trying to prevent the suicide of someone who's picnicing in the park.

Your character must reside in Port Benedict, Pennsylvania.

Beyond that: if you want to involve someone in a heavy storyline (such as a romance or a fued), it is advised that you get in touch with that person via their personal journal and at the very least ask them if they're interested, at the most work out the details between or among yourselves before posting to the community. Inappropriate or contradictory posts will be deleted by the moderators. Always make sure you know what's going on before you post.