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My evening

OMG this has been quite an interesting few It all started when I left Jeordie's apartment around 4pm. I went home to pick up some flautas and head on over to that girl sophie_kat's apartment for her big party. I had a quick fight with my mom and then was on my way, but I was late so I decided to cut through the back roads of Port Benedict so I could get there quicker. However, I was soon approached by two leathermen who grabbed me, threw me in the back of their car, and drove me to the outskirts of town, or what I guess was the outskirts, since I was blinded. They took me into their lair and did not allow me to speak. The first thing they did was eat my flautas. I was so! Anywho, after that they gave me an amaretto sour which I'm sure was drugged because after that I was out cold. when I came to the next day I was in the middle of an alley not to far from my house, but I soon noticed that it was very hard for me to walk, or even get up. Then I remembered having regained consciousness for a brief period and feeling immense pleasure, and then it hit me...I had found the man of my dreams. I now know my reason for living is to find one of these leathermen again and marry him. I have to find out who these mysterious men are who live in the outskirts of Port Benedict, and what their mission is...
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