*Nora Skye* (noraskye) wrote in queeraslj,
*Nora Skye*

Nora..don't FREAK

Well, dinner was wonderful. Sophie took me to the most gorgeous Italian place ever. We even got a serenade. The only thing is that I ate carbs...carbs are bad. However, I am not too concerned. We talked some things over. She really wants me to move in with her. Considering the current situation with me living between my aunt Laverne's or Dave, this ex of mine from waaaay back in the boy days-It really makes the most sense. I would like to feel at home and I don't want to go back home. Home as in my parent's house. Yeah I go over there and spend time with mom but living there again? eh. And this efficiency apartment with Dave..I can leave at any time, really. Not like he would give a shit, but wow, my own home. Maybe it would be better. I couldn't run away from my own home, could I? It's different then living at your parents house and running away from there. It just is. I know I want to be with Sophie and live with her but I'm afraid I might tweak at some point. Go over the edge. Feel stuck, like I am missing out on something, feel like my young life is over. even though I know deep down that is where I want to be. Strange, no?. Maybe this will prevent me from pulling on her heartstrings whenever I take off to refresh my spirit. Maybe I won't take off anymore. Or maybe I will. argh. I will think it over. I will take my week's vacation and think. Really try to make a wise decision using my brain. I know it's up there somewhere. Emotions, don't kick in. please. I beg of you.
Anyway some friends from my beauty school days and I planned this beach trip a while back. Sophie and I were on the outs when it was planned and I can't back out now, even if I will miss her terribly. She's more then welcome to come down, even if only for a day or two. She's looking into it. I need a vacation. I need a vacation from PA. From this town, from certain people, from work...but I will come back a freshly rejuvenated Nora.
la la la
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