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This is What I Get For Trying to Make Peace

I'm just sitting here at work waiting for it to be done. I have enough problems of my own today without having to deal with all of Port Benedict's. I woke up late this morning on the bathroom floor. I don't even know how I got there but I do remember feeling nauseous after drinking too much with two of my "new friends." I am such a fool for trusting those people and wanting to get to know them better. To make it worse, my box of Kashi mysteriously dissapeared so I couldn't even have breakfast before I left for work. All I wanted was to try to get us to all appreciate our differences so we could learn and grow from one another. I still believe that that is the way to go but that some people are just too far gone to worry about. I really felt like we were making progress last night. But I was obviously just being naive.

I still haven't been in touch with Nora. I called her at the salon but apparently she was off today. Weird. She told me she had work.
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